Our dream is for Champions  Community Church to be a place where kids and adults alike are formed for a life of discipleship to Jesus.  For that reason, we place a high priority on what we do in our children’s ministry.  Our goal is that our kids:
  • Learn the basic teachings of Jesus
  • Learn to engage God in prayer and worship
  • Learn how to study the scriptures and listen for God’s voice
  • Learn to value and respect themselves and others
  • Learn to serve the world around them with the love of Jesus
Our infants and preschoolers are so important to Champions Community Church.  We want them to know who God is, and how they can connect with Him.  We want them to see God as the hero of every story and have a God-centered world view. We want them to love the Lord their God with all their heart, and to delight in Him forever.
Our ministry team members are well-trained, caring individuals.  The fun environment allows children to enjoy each other as well as learn about Jesus.
Our elementary ministry exists to awaken a passion in children for their God.  We want them to be leaders in their world and to make disciples of all nations.  We do this by Sharing the Word, Showing the Word, Teaching the Word, and Serving the World. We intentionally train children by giving them a firm foundation, focus on teaching God’s Word, and activate them through the power of God’s love.   Through this process, children will trust in Jesus, become passionate about Him, and thus, carry His light into all the world.