We  are Christian community developing authentic disciples to
cultivate spiritual transformation everywhere we are sent.  
We do this by focusing on connecting people to   the gospel,
strengthening the community of believers through discipleship,
and activating the mission of serving people locally and globally 
Upward Graphic
We are growing in  relationship with Father God and His amazing gospel.
Value: God’s Word
We actively listen to the voice of God and commit ourselves to the daily application of the Bible.
Value: Prayer
We respond to God through prayer and worship as we continue to grow in our relationship with Him.
Value: Overcome
We move forward in our pursuit of God and overcome all obstacles through His transforming power.  
Inward Graphic
We are growing in  relationship with our community and living more like a family. 
Value: Loyal
We love and stay loyal to the family of God.  We will work to protect the unity that Jesus desired for His church.
Value: Equip
We make disciples of all generations by equipping men, women, and children as followers of Jesus Christ. 
Value: Resource
We give our best to honor God, care for His family, and reach out to our world. 
Outward Graphic
We are growing in  relationship with the world around us to serve and disciple. 
Value: Compassion
We see the value within each person and reach out to them through the love and power of the Holy Spirit. 
Value: Build
We build up our communities and redeem the hearts of our neighborhoods for Jesus Christ.