This mission culminates in the sending of Jesus Christ into the world, whose life, death, and resurrection reconciles sinful humanity back into relationship with its Creator. As the people of God we are now graciously invited to participate in this mission. The good news of the gospel has now been entrusted to the Church–sent out into the world as ambassadors of Christ (2 Cor. 5:18-20). ​
We purposefully look for ways to be an outreach of God’s love and life to the world around us.  By helping our local schools, sponsoring events for foster-care families, and feeing orphans in the Congo, we are shining the light of Christ in the middle of the darkness. 
One of the ways we have responded to our God-given mission is to build strategic and intentional partnerships in our community, nation, and world. These partnerships allow us to engage in God’s global redemptive mission by equipping and resourcing individuals, churches, and organizations to take the gospel to the end of the earth.
By working together, we are able to display Godly unity to our world.  Sharing resources and combining labor enables us to be better stewards of our finances, time, and volunteers.  The mission is great and together we can make a difference! 
Through local endeavors and strategic partnerships we are able to spread the gospel locally and globally by supporting these ministries…
Supporting foster-care families in our local area by suppling basic needs and sponsoring family events. 
Providing daily nutritional lunch for children and teens throughout the summer months
Supplying food items each week to our local food pantry. 
Providing weekly meal bags for students from elementary through high school. 
Giving financial assistance and volunteering at food packing events to help feed children worldwide. 
Encouraging pastors and supporting church planting throughout Karnataka, India.