Reflecting On The Year…Preparing For The Future

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Just a few weeks ago, I was on a conference call with several pastors.  We were discussing the end of 2105 and the beginning of the new year.  As people were sharing and reflecting about the events of the past year,  some rather thought-provoking questions were asked.  I was deeply challenged to look at my own personal growth over the last several months and begin focusing on how to continue growing in the upcoming year.


Winston Churchhill once said, “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” As we see 2015 come to a close, you have the perfect opportunity to reflect, plan, and prepare for a new year of progress and development.  Use this time wisely and contemplate what took place in your life in 2015.  What successes and mistakes were made?  How will you help you continue to succeed?   What will keep you from making those same mistakes? Spend some quiet moments asking yourself some of the following questions and give serious thought to the answers.  Prepare your spirit, mind, and body for the new year and ask the Spirit of God to equip you to move forward in 2016!


What drained me emotionally in 2015?
What fills me emotionally?
Is there anyone whose forgiveness I need to seek?
Is there anyone I need to forgive?
Where is the clutter in my life?


What is my calling?
Am I closer to God today than January 1, 2015?
In what spiritual areas do I want to grow in 2016?


What relationships are adding strength to my life?
What relationships are draining me of strength?
Would I rate my marriage a 10?
Would my spouse (you might want to ask over a nice dinner)?
If it’s not a 10 ask this question, “What would it take in 2016 to make it a 10?”

Same question for the relationship with my children.

How is my physical health? Is that OK?
What’s my major physical focus area for 2016?
What things do I need to do to obtain my goals for better health?


How am I growing mentally?
What are my reading goals for 2016?
What am I pretending NOT to know?
What caused me the most stress in 2015?
How can that be changed in 2016?

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