We desire to be a resource to you by making available media from our updates, studies, and live events. Through these resources we want to give you the best opportunity to become a fully-developing follower of Jesus.



LYN: Because of God’s Love

We know that we are to share the gospel, but how? The scripture tells us that the people will know we are followers of Christ because of the love that we show. Learn how the power of serving can demonstrate the love of God to the world!

LYN: Love Overcomes Fear

This weekend, we begin our series “Love Your Neighbor.” Pastor Ben shares how fear can keep us from knowing the true love of God for us. Understanding and accepting what Jesus has done for you is how we uproot fear and move forward in God’s perfect love!

At Home Weekend: Father’s Day

The world is looking for love. How can we turn the concept of love into a practical reality? In this Father’s Day message, Pastor Ben shares the lessons he learned from his father on the practical expression of love.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 12

Too often we forget that there is a realm beyond the one we experience with our five senses. Heaven and hell are a reality. As we study Daniel 12, Pastor Ben shows us the need to shine the light of God to the world around us.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 11

During this very pivotal time in history, voices are crying out to be heard. But are we listening? Do we seek to understand? Through this important study of the book of Daniel, we gain insight on what it means to be the people of understanding.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 10

When our world is divided and chaotic, what are we to do? Looking at Daniel’s example, Ben Ratchford and Michael Shattuck discuss the necessity of humility and understanding.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 9

How can we stay focused on God when life is spiraling out of control? Join Pastor Ben and his mother, Robin Dill, for a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness during a very dark time. Learn how to keep your face set toward the Lord!

At Home Weekend: Daniel 7 & 8

Do you know what the enemy’s plan is? As we continue studying the book of Daniel, we see that the wearing down of the saints is one of the main goals of our attacker. How do we combat this? Pastor Ben shares how we can stay strong in the Lord!

At Home Weekend: A Mother’s Story

Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend, Laura Ratchford and her mother, Diane Davis, share how to trust God when everything seems to be falling apart. Also, enjoy special Mother’s Day messages from our Champions family!

At Home Weekend: Daniel 6

How can you have an excellent spirit when you overwhelmed with life? Pastor Ben shares the example of Daniel and how he positioned himself in prayer in the middle of devastation. An excellent spirit comes from allowing the Spirit of God to work within!

At Home Weekend: Daniel 5

What happens when we mix the unholy with the holy? What unholy idols are found in our own hearts? Pastor Ben and his daughter, Selah, show us Belshazzar’s example of compromise and the importance of holiness as we continue our study from the book of Daniel.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 4

When things go out of control, how will you respond? When everything in life seems to be stripped away, our response should be to look to Jesus. Pastor Ben discusses the importance of maintaining focus on Jesus during times of crisis.

Easter Online Service

Because of the cross and resurrection, there is hope; not just for a select few, but for all! Join us online for our special Easter service, as we give God glory for the resurrection of Jesus and remember that His victory over death gives us great hope for our lives and futures.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 3

Pastor Ben leads us this weekend in a discussion from the book of Daniel. Sometimes we ask, “If God is able to help me, why doesn’t he just fix my problems?” Learn the distinction between what God is ABLE to do and what God WILL do.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 2

Michael and Vicki Shattuck lead us this weekend in a discussion from the second chapter of Daniel. You will be inspired by their story of God’s miracle during a moment of impossibility.

At Home Weekend: Daniel 1

For the safety and concern of our church family, we have moved our weekend teaching online. Join Ben and Laura for this much needed study, Daniel: Living A Life Of Integrity.

Our Response

We are doing our best to respond wisely to the developing situation in our world. Here is what the next few weeks will look like at Champions Community Church.